Help Cutting
the Cord

Cutting Cable TV & Saving Money!

Savings without losing content or quality.

You can still watch* Local and National TV, Netflix and ESPN in HD, HDR and 4K UHD.

Without Cable TV or a Dish!!

*Where available  

Here’s How!

Bundle Chooser:
Quick & Easy!

“Don’t care, I just want my shows!”

Using a smart balance between cost and ease of use, we have created Bundles for your consideration.  Take the Chooser Quiz to determine your Bundles.  No funny stuff, just mainstream connections, devices and LiveTV/Video On Demand (VOD) providers.

Getting Connected:

What speed do you need?  Which provider, connection, modem, Wifi, antenna, CAT6, coax?

Talk about,
“Lions and Tigers and Bears,
Oh My!!” 

With a few questions, we’ll quickly have you down that yellow brick road.

Selecting Content:

“Too many choices,
too little time!”

Nowadays, EVERYONE has their finger in content streaming and even more are coming!

That’s okay, easy peasy!  With a few check marks, we’ll help you narrow down the streaming frenzy.

Choosing Devices:

“Seeing is believing.”

Based on choices of your favorite apps like Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, etc., we’ll speedily help you choose the right devices for your personalized viewing experience.

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