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ExcerptThis is test product short description text.
Antenna Type-
Quick Distance-
Quick DVR-
Quick Internet Connection-
Quick Internet Streaming-
Quick Location-
Quick TV Monitor-
Quick Users-
Quick WiFi-
Live TV-
Test Bundle 20

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Antenna TypeIndoor, Outdoor, Directional, Omni-directional, Multi-directional
Quick Distance35 Miles, 50 Miles, 70 Miles, 100+ Miles, No OTA Available
Quick DVRetc.), nV Shield, Tablo, Yes OTA DVR Device (TiVo, Yes OTA Computer Software, No OTA DVR
Quick Internet ConnectionCable or DSL or Fiber Optic, Dish (Limited speeds)
Quick Internet StreamingLive TV Streaming, Video On Demand Streaming
Quick LocationRoof or Outside Wall, Attic, Ground or Upper Floor, Basement or Trees or Buildings or Wires Interference
Quick TV Monitor32 Inches & Under (1080p), 33 to 43 Inches (4K), 44 to 49 Inches (4K), 50 to 59 Inches (4K), 60 to 69 Inches (4K), 70 Inches & Up (4K), On My Computer
Quick UsersCompetitive Game or Small Business Users, Stream 4K, 1 User, 2-5 Users, 6-10+ Users, Stream SD or Lite Game Users, Stream HD Users
Quick WiFiYes WiFi, No WiFi
Tuners1 Channel, 2 Channel, 4 Channel
Live TVYes, No, With Tuner and Plex Pass
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