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Now-a-days there are numerous Content Providers and Apps all offering varying degrees of services.  So far, no one provider/app offers it all.  But with a combination of two or three providers or apps you can easily watch your favorite TV shows and current or favorite movies at your own convenience.

To choose between providers and apps it helps to understand the language!  So let’s first start with a few definitions to see the differences:


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Live OTA TV (OTA TV) – Live Local Over-the-Air TV shows and movies broadcast by your local TV stations and received by your own TV antenna.  They are shown live at a specific time and may be re-broadcast at other times as reruns.  It is TV shows the old fashioned way but now broadcast in SD and HD (1080p high definition).  Examples would be any of your local TV stations.

Live Internet TV (Live TV) – Live National TV shows and movies streamed live via the internet to your TV, phone or computer by Content Providers or Channel Apps.  They are shown live at a specific time and may be re-broadcast at other times as reruns.  Usually streamed in SD, HD and 4K (UHD).  Examples of Content Providers would be DirecTV, Hulu TV, Philo, PS Vue, Sling, YouTubeTV, etc.  Channel Apps would include A&E, BBC America, ABC, NBC, Fox, Lifetime, ESPN, etc.

VOD (Video on Demand) – Content Providers or Channel Apps streaming TV shows and/or movies pre-recorded and viewable by you on demand (whenever you want).  Usually streamed in SD, HD and 4K (UHD).  Examples of Content Providers would be Amazon Video, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, etc.  Channel Apps that record and make available content on demand include A&E, BBC America, ABC, NBC, Fox, Lifetime, ESPN, etc.  (Most Channel Apps make select content of  their own available on demand.)

VOD with Live TV – Live TV with selected recorded shows and movies available on demand.  Examples include AT&T Watch TV, Hulu TV, YouTubeTV, etc.

Content Provider vs. Channel App – As you’ve probably already figured out, Content Providers offer a variety of content from different TV channels and current or genre type movies.  Channel Apps offer proprietary content from a specific channel.  They may or may not charge subscription fees.  Most do.

Device OS – Different devices offer differing Providers and Channel Apps depending on their operating system.  Examples of Devices include Amazon Fire, Android, AndroidTV, AppleTV, Chromecast, LG, PlayStation, Roku, Samsung, Vizio and XBox One.  The Windows and Apple OS’s are not included here as most Providers and Channel Apps offer their content through their websites fully accessible via internet browsers on both OS’s.

DVR – A Digital Video Recorder can be a physical DVR Box or as a service provided by a Provider or App.  It allows you to record a Live TV show or movie to watch at a later time or multiple times.  A DVR Box sits next to your TV or WiFi Modem.  Storage space is limited only by your hard disk or USB disk attached to it and you can save it indefinitely.  A DVR service by a Provider stores your recordings on their server (as they say, “In the cloud”!).  But space may be limited and last for only a number of days or weeks before being automatically deleted.


Sorting Through the Content (Or take the Quiz!)


With all of that now in our heads, let’s first sort Live TV Providers by your favorite Channels and see which Providers offer those Channels.  Remember that this is only Live TV Providers and won’t include VOD Providers.

Then we can look at which Channel Apps are available on the various Devices, which DOES include VOD Providers.  OR you can figure out which Channels you may like by sorting them by Category & Genre.  Don’t forget to “Compare” and see all the details!

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“Whoa Partner!  Too many choices!”  OTA is easy, just click through the channels.  But how do you sort through all the Live TV and VOD Providers AND all the 300+ channels and apps?  And who has which?

There are just too many variable to give you only a couple of end results.  BUT, by answering a few question we can get you narrowed down!


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